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In the trading world, there is such a thing that’s called a penny stock. In the trading world, it is also called a "micro-cap stock" but for the purposes of this discussion, let us limit ourselves to the term "penny stock".

Quite literally, it is a stock that normally sells outside for less than $1 per share. However, the prices of these so-called penny stocks may consequently rise due to a substantial promotion in their value which may come from the stock having improved in the market.

It is not uncommon for these types of stocks to go up to $5 per share if the conditions are right. These types of stocks, although relatively cheap, are quite speculative and downright risky because of the lack of available information about it as well as its poor liquidity. The reason why this type of stock is illiquid is because there are less shareholders that want to take on this type of stock. Ergo, this particular type of stock will not trade as many shares compared to a much larger company.

The penny stock has its upside and downside in one thing-its volatility. If one has enough penny stocks, a person can earn up to hundreds of dollars because of the weight that the stock has gained. However, severe loss can also result from the stock suffering an uneventful fall which is in its very nature.

One of the things that you can do as a wise investor is to ensure that you understand a particular penny stock as much as possible before getting into their own shares and buying quite a substantial amount of it online. The slightest rumor or disruption can bring a penny stock down in a tremendous and disastrous way. Always make sure that you understand the risks involved so that you will not get emotionally attached to the stock when it plunges.

In order for you to minimize your risks, there are other means that you can look to for help. One of the things that may be able to help  you substantially is the different online websites that are able to pick stocks which are trading from $5.00 below.

These websites are able to take those stocks which belong to the NYSE as well as the NASDAQ. Through these websites, you are able to become an online penny share investor at any time however, the risks will stay the same. A penny stock is still a penny stock and you will not be able to cut the inherent risks that a penny stock has just because you are using a website alone.

Even though the numerical data alone is not going to help you succeed with the stock that you might want to pick up, these websites intend to see you succeed so that they can simply add another success story that came about from the advice and information that they shared to you.

So if you are going to go into this type of online trading, then you might want to research a little bit more about the stock and the websites that you will be using. It definitely won’t hurt to get some help. In this case, it’s nearer than a penny’s throw away.


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