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The New York Stock Exchange is one of the best online trading sites that cater to stock trading. The NYSE traces its origins to the time that New York City stockbrokers as well as different sellers signed the Buttonwood Agreement which essentially set into motion the assurance to investors and issuers.

Here, we chronicle the different milestones and memorable moments for the NYSE in its very colorful and flourishing history. 


The NYSE conducts an industry-wide test which shows their capability to trade around 800 million shares a day. It was during this time that 51 million Americans owned stocks according to the census conducted by the NYSE


It was the year when the NYSE held a symposium in order to amass data as well as a fresh perspective on how to improve director independence and other corporate governance issues.

It was also during this time that the NYSE began its first off-hours trading sessions which started from 4:15-5 P.M.

The Dow Jones Industrial average also exceeded 3,000 for the first time since its inception.


It was during this year that the average daily volume surpasses 200 million. Former president Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev toured the trading floor when they visited the NYSE to commemorate its bicentennial anniversary as one of the world’s most vital and enduring financial institutions.


This year saw an integrated technology plan which saw to upgrade the trading floor networks which included the hardware and software to be able to radically improve the capacity, efficiency and quality of almost every aspect of trading floor operations.


This was the year of the Market 2000 study which was conducted by the U.S. Securities markets. This is when the SEC approved a uniform shareholder voting rights policy to be used by the New York Stock Exchange as well as other securities dealers.


An aggressive plan to re-engineer the trading floor to make it much more sophisticated with the use of the top-of-the-line technology gave the NYSE an upgrade. It was now composed of high-definition flat-screen technology as well as fiber optics and cellular communications.


NYSE launched a real-time stock ticker on CNBC as well as CNN-FN. Before, the market data was delayed for 20 minutes. It was also in this year that a new volume share record was set on July 16 wherein it traded 681 million shares. This year also saw 59 non-U.S. companies joining the New York Stock Exchange which brought the total to a whopping 290 companies.


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