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There are a lot of  online stock brokerage companies who may propose that they are the best thing ever happened to your stocks however you need to fully understand what it is they are offering you.

You might want to look deeper into the type of service that the company tries to market to you. You would most probably want to take a look at the history of the company and how it has performed in the past. Today, we look at and what it means to work in partnership with them.

For more than half a century, Scottrade has already been in the stock brokerage industry. It is a leader in both customer service as well as technology with regard to online stocks. It is also considered a leader in terms of value for one’s money.

In Scottrade, the investors are equipped with a variety of stock trading tools as well as services which can take care of their investing needs. Scottrade is quite proud to provide premium service and discounts to investors which have various styles in trading. This is one of the missions of the firm. It is essentially about providing the best price and best service, combined with the best technology that the online investing community has to offer. 

First of all, Scottrade offers an enhanced version of their tools which is in ScottradeELITE. You can only download this tool if your stock trading account has a minimum account value of $25,000. You need to check first if your account value, which is composed of all cash and other securities are present and if they meet the necessary qualifications. One of the things that is praiseworthy of this is that there is no inactivity fee unlike other online stock brokerage companies.

The company also offers NASDAQ  TotalView which is considered to be the best and fastest data feed which is available from NASDAQ. This means that you will be able to view each and every single bid that is placed on specific stocks. This also enables you to ask for every market participant that is included in the NASDAQ Market Center. Should you sign up for this enhanced tool, you will automatically receive Level II quotes free of charge.

Apparently, there is so many things that you need to consider when joining Scottrade and when signing up for the different tools that they have. It might be worth your while to take a closer look at their site.


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