PostHeaderIcon Stocks with Largest Gaint in Five Years

Hindsight is always 20/20 so they say. The fun part with looking back is tracing your steps and think of what-ifs. It should not always be bad.

That is the thing with stocks. You will never what the next big thing will be, unless you have psychic powers that could accurately predict the future.

For fun, let us look back at the biggest trend the last five years and see if we could see what the future might hold for us. Here are five stocks you should have bought five years ago.

Online games. Yes, it is now more than a fad. It is already a lifestyle. Although online gaming companies are not really bent into playing the stock market game, it would have been rad if they were. That way, the hardcore could be transacting both virtually in real life. Nevertheless, online games already have lives of their own, sustaining themselves with a broad and heavily consuming market.

Google. It was only recently when Google officially became an IPO. Considering all the phantom money that company is earning, its stocks would have been a commodity the first day it started trading.

Nokia. This Finnish company has finally hit paydirt with its business strategy of not putting all of its eggs in one basket, meaning diversifying its products to each and every demographic there is. It also means a less than complete unit, at least features wise, with every release. But it seems that nobody is complaining since Nokia is now considered a major player in mobile technology, finally penetrating the US market.

Web 2.0. Here is another abstract stock that could have made it big in Wall Street. If only MySpace, Friendster, YouTube (which is now owned by Google), pooled their resources and infiltrated stock trading, then maybe traditional businessmen and financial analysts would not pencil them in as just another fad. However, they might have learned when the net bubble bursted the first time around.

Nanotechnology. This may be a product of sci fi, but we are getting there. They are now already developing self-repairing gadgets with the use of intelligent microscopic robots. This is more of an investment to look forward to.

That being said, this may be a techie-biased entry, but trends do point in that direction. This is not the dawn of the information age. We are already standing with the midday sun blazing right above us.


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