PostHeaderIcon Advantages of Futures Trading

Futures trading as an investment offer a number of advantages. Before investing, you might need to know a little bit more about trading in futures and how everything goes about. And one of the things that investors should learn about is its advantage over other investment options out there. And so, here are some of them.

A Highly Leveraged Investment

Investing in futures contracts allow investors to enjoy a higher level of leverage. Futures contracts are considered as high leveraged investments. This is because an investor only has to put up a small fraction of the contract value in order to own it. This is usually at 10 percent of the contract’s value, quite a small sum considering its ability to earn.

An investor can even trade a larger amount than if he bought it outright. Given the investor makes the right predictions that the commodity would be on its way to higher prices, profits earned can go as high as ten times on a 10 percent deposit.

Convenience Of A Paper Investment

A convenience that dealing with futures trading is that you are trading with commodities without the need to store or keep them. Speculating in futures contracts is usually dealing with a paper investment. This means that in trading with it, you do not need to haul in tons of commodities and put it outside your home or office.

A futures trade is usually a paper transaction. This means that deals are made without the commodities being handed out literally in the process. The only time that the commodities are handed out or exchanged is when the delivery of the contract takes place between the producer of the commodity and the dealer upon the stipulated time stated in the contract.

Bigger and Quicker Profits

Another advantage of futures trading is that the opportunity to earn more and quicker is there. One of the reason is that a futures trader can trade about ten times as much as the margin or the amount that he puts up.

Another reason is that the futures markets usually move more quickly than other cash markets. But investors should also bear in mind that the opportunity to lose out quite a considerable amount of investment also exists.


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