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Upset TraderTrading is both an art and a science. Success for traders does not mainly fall on knowing the technicalities of different trading systems and methods. Most trades have that dose of uncertainty that can somehow change a trader’s fortunes if he is not too careful. Being able to consider the risks and the possible pitfalls in every trade can aid traders gain more success. Here are some common pitfalls that traders must face and get over in order to enjoy better success in trading.

Order Entry Errors

One of the simplest and yet still common pitfalls that any trader can encounter is making errors in entering their orders. A simple error in such an entry order can be a case of either a great loss or a poor showing. Correcting such errors can be as easy as paying careful attention to the trading details.

Risking More Than Necessary

Some traders make the mistake of trying to risk more trading capital than is necessary. A perception of a very attractive trade may entice some traders to risk their money more than they can afford to sometimes. This can lead to damaging losses in case a mistake is made. To be safe, traders should try to limit the use of trading capital to an amount that they can afford to risk and not be seriously affected in case of an unexpected result.

Inexperienced Trading

There are people who want to get into trading and yet fail to find time to equip themselves with the knowledge required. The opportunities may blind them enough to forgo learning about trading basics and gaining a bit more experience. This can usually lead to risking quite a considerable amount of capital and losing it all eventually. Novice traders should try to take time in learning about the craft before trying to risk considerable sums for potential profit at the trading floor.

Too Much Time Trading

Some people just can’t manage the time they spend trading. They can spend too much of their time focusing mainly on watching the markets and how the trading goes on day in and day out. They can get too serious as to forget the other aspects of their lives. This can prove damaging and stressful. A good trader knows how to spend time equally not just on the trading floor and the markets but also spending the time away from it all. Life can be more exciting and fulfilling by focusing on its different aspects rather than just concentrating on a single facet.


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