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Happy InvestorInvesting in ETF’s or Exchange Traded Funds also takes some careful consideration. There are certain things to consider when picking out which ETF’s would be able to provide better investment potential. Here are some of the more important factors to consider when picking out winning ETF’s available out there.

Underlying Index

One of the factors to check out for picking a winning ETF to invest in is the underlying index or asset class that the fund is based on. It is preferable for an investor to pick an ETF based on a broad and widely followed index. This would be preferred than investing in a fund based on a certain index with a narrow industry and geographical focus.

Minimal Tracking Error

A preferred ETF to invest in should have a lesser degree of tracking error. This error usually stands for the difference in the actual return of the ETF toward the expected benchmark. Although most ETF’s closely track the underlying indexes that they are being based on, some do not track them as effectively as they should have. This can result in higher tracking errors for the said ETF.

Asset Levels

It is not merely the quality of the underlying assets that winning ETF’s should be based upon. The minimum level of assets of the ETF’s should also be considered. In order to drum up investor interests, ETF’s should usually have a common threshold of at least $10 million. Any other fund with assets lower than the threshold usually won’t generate as much investor interest. Poor demand will usually result in poor liquidity and wide price spreads.

Actively Traded ETF’s

One of the key considerations for picking winning ETF’s is trading activity. ETF’s enjoying considerable trading activity and experience higher trading volumes on a daily basis usually are also the most liquid and have tighter bid-ask spreads. Looking into the trading volume of certain ETF’s can help determine which ones offer the best options.


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