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Stock MarketFinding the right stocks is one of the keys to become successful in stock market trading. It is a skill that may be developed through experience and better analysis.

There are also a variety of factors generally followed by most traders and investors when it comes to finding the right stocks which have the potential for gains. But to say that there is a specific or magic number or metric to base their choices would be false.

It is usually the combination of a variety of factors that may eventually influence the options. Here are some of them.

Return On Assets

Return on Assets or ROA is just one of the various metrics that investors and traders in the stock market usually base their stock choices with. Basically, ROA is a way of telling you how companies are able to turn their assets into net income. ROA is made up of two components which are, asset turnover and net margin. How efficient companies are able to turn their assets or capital into net income margin can tell a lot on their potential for profitability.

Stock Price Behavior

Another way of trying to pick the right stocks would be monitoring the behavior of their stock price. This may help provide you with information on how certain stocks may be doing. They may also help determine the current trend for a certain stock. But it may also be important to have a good idea what other factors may be influencing and affecting the changes in the stock price. It is in no way as simple as just trying to track down the ups and downs of certain stocks that would provide you with a definite answer.


Another way to picking the right stocks is also considering their level of liquidity. This may be influenced by both supply and demand on a certain stock. This would really matter since stocks bought at low volume tend to be more difficult to liquidate as compared to those bought usually at high volume. The safer option would be looking for stocks that usually trade a high volume of shares daily to somehow ensure that they have better liquidity.

Although these factors may greatly influence your choices for finding the right stock, there may be other things that might just complicate matters. The subtle complexities that go with trying to determine the best stock choices also makes such a process quite challenging that even the most experienced trader and investor can never be too sure. The best that they can do is to make the best calculated guess that they can make and go from there. That is the best way to improve chances of success in this market.


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