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Online trading brokers help provide useful information to investors in trading of stocks or bonds. Although online trading may have enabled many investors to directly handle their own portfolios, the work of brokers is still needed where access to some experienced trading knowledge may not be readily available, especially for novice investors.

Main Function

The main task of brokers is to facilitate and handle orders of buying and selling security. They generally act as middlemen between securities being traded in the market and the people who wish to buy or sell them. With the term “broker”, it can either refer to an individual or a brokerage firm.

The Costs

A broker or a brokerage firm usually earns through fees charged to customers and/or commissions made from every trade facilitated. The different amounts brokers charge may be different in terms of scope. The cheaper or more affordable brokers usually offer basic services such as facilitating a trade. More expensive brokers usually offer additional services such as investment advice, retirement planning, tax tips and more. With online trading becoming more popular, brokers have begun to offer more affordable fees and commissions to a greater number of investors.

Choosing A Broker

It is important to get a broker that you can depend on. First and foremost, investors should carefully choose brokers who are licensed to practice. There might be a need to make background checks to make sure that the brokers are licensed and legitimate. Such checks may also help discover a certain broker’s background to see if he or she had any past disciplinary problems and similar such cases.


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