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Investors may have a lot of options when it comes to investing. But such investments may not necessarily be earning gains. Careful investing may be needed in order make it work. It may depend on what your investing style may be.

There are aggressive as well as defensive styles when it comes to investing. An aggressive style is one that takes a higher level of risk in order to get maximum gains. Then there’s the defensive style of investing that aims to make them last as long as possible to gain value and minimize losses, notwithstanding how low the gains it might offer over a certain period of time. One example of defensive investing is putting your bet on consumer staples.

What Are Consumer Staples?

When investing in consumer staples, one should first know what they are. Basically, consumer staples are products that are generally being purchased by the largest majority of consumers on a regular basis. Consumer staples include food products, beverages and others like tobacco and other household products.

Advantage In Consumer Staples

Investing in companies that make or produce consumer staples are considered as relatively safe investments. They usually incur a relatively lesser amount of investment risk, depending on the reputation, stability and how established the company may be.

Investing in consumer staples have its own advantages. One of them is that they tend to offer steady growth over a period of time. Although it might be slow paced, it is still growth just the same. They may be a safer investment than companies that make products that have a cyclical nature in terms of sales.

Consumer staple companies do not have the problem of having their sales become relatively high in a certain period and low in the next. This rapid ebb and rise can affect share prices of companies that can swing wildly from one day to the next and might eventually affect one’s investment portfolio.

Common Characteristic

Companies that make consumer staples tend to be low tech and enjoy steady yet slow development. Investing in them may be considered as relatively safe and stable. It is in this similar case that some investors fail to invest in them, for the very fact that they tend to become boring investments that may not present some excitement in terms of earnings.

Investing in consumer staples can be considered as a defensive investment that tend to strike up a balance for riskier assets in an investment portfolio. It can be a means to diversify a portfolio in order to make it more stable overall. It may just help keep the investor afloat whenever the stock market goes into its crazy wild rides from one day to the next.


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