´╗┐There are many different ways for people to enjoy investing success. It all depends on the opportunities as well as on timely action that investors make. But then again, there can also be certain barriers that may prevent an investor from enjoying the success that he or she may be entitled to. Here are just some of those common barriers.


Emotion is one of the most common barriers that affect investor success. Primarily, fear and greed may undermine an investor’s ability to think clearly and rationally when needed. The emotions can become so overwhelming that it can cloud their thinking. Fear of losing on an investment leads investors to hold on to losing positions for too long that may lead to more serious losses. Greed for more profits may lead investors to risk holding on to positions when even the indicators are showing that it may already be time to unload them.

Lack Of Long Term Goals

Another barrier that prevent many investors from enjoying investing success is their lack of making long term goals. Not having a long term goal when investing may be like not having the proper direction towards success. In such cases, investors are left to only look at their investments on a day to day basis. They make short term movements and take short term positions that may be affected by the daily market fluctuations. Not being able to see the bigger picture and how they may look long into the future can impede an investor’s ability to enjoy considerable success with their investments.

Lack Of Knowledge

Having a lack of essential knowledge in investing and strategy can become a barrier to success. Having a little understanding of how a market works can also lead investors to make mistakes as well as take some unnecessary risks. This can put a certain limit to the success that an investor can enjoy. Substantial knowledge can help investors a lot in trying to make the necessary decisions and moves that will lead them to better success at investing.