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Markets and the overall economy can be influenced or affected by a variety of factors. Economists as well as traders and investors usually look into these different indicators and factors that will help them determine or predict where the economy and the resulting market may be headed. It is not always an exact science as it can become quite complex and complicated how these factors work.

The economy and the affected markets are not always determined exactly by most of the accepted factors and indicators. No matter how exact some experts can be on following certain financial or economic formulas in order to determine the next direction the economy would take, they are not always correct. They can sometime be wrong on their assumptions even if they were based on the widely accepted factors and indicators. It may be all these craziness and sometimes irrational behavior of the economy and the markets that some people have resorted to coming up of other odd economic indicators. They might look odd at first, but there can also be some sense into some of them. Here are just some of those odd economic indicators that people should or should not take seriously:

Men’s Underwear Index

Who would have thought that men’s underwear could be an indicator for the economy? Well, in fact some do. It is believed that men will set aside buying new underwear during hard economic times in order to save money. On the other hand, sales of men’s underwear remain strong and stable when the economy is good. It might sound crazy, but this odd economic indicator may just have a point.

Hot Waitress Index

Another odd indicator of the economy that might sound far fetched but may also make some sense if you think about it. It may be an observation that some economists may have made while going to restaurants. This indicator is based on the premise that the hotter waitresses become in most restaurants, the closer it is that the economy may be about to face the hard times. This may be based on the fact that even physically attractive types may try to look for other jobs when the job market may not be that good during dire economic times. They might also use the same advantage when trying to look for better paying jobs when the economy is booming.

Lipstick Index

This odd indicator was created by Leonard Lauder who was the chairman of famed make up company Estee Lauder. This is an indicator of economic times based on lipstick use among women. During hard times, women may turn to using lipstick in order to stay beautiful instead of going for more expensive choices like clothes, handbags and shoes. When lipstick sales go up, it might be an indicator that the economy might not be doing well.

Mosquito Index

When more mosquitoes come to bite during mosquito season than ever before, it might be an indication of hard times. The basis of this odd index is that during a recession that affects households, they may not be able to afford doing some maintenance around their homes like they used to. This might include leaving more swimming pools stagnating. A recession may also lead to a poor housing market and with lots of houses being foreclosed or abandoned. This further leads to pools in such homes being unattended and therefore become fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes.


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