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PostHeaderIcon Making Money Through Bond Investing

Bond investing is just one of the options available for you if you are looking for different ways to make more money. While there can be quite a number of options out there that you can also try, bond investing comes with certain advantages that will benefit you. But first you need to know the basics before you should try to get involved in this type of investment. Bond Basics The basics you need to know about bond

PostHeaderIcon Trading Tips: Options Versus Futures

Trading and investing both come with accompanying risks. People need to acquire enough knowledge in order to be good investors and traders. Count in some experience and you get to become more perceptive in playing the markets. There are different types of securities that people can put their money into. Aside from stocks, there are also options and futures trading that can provide additional opportunities for the s

PostHeaderIcon Minimizing Losses Due To Program Trading Glitches

Program trading has become more common because it allows traders to react faster and take advantage of opportunities quicker than the others. Program trading is largely seen as a convenient tool to use for today’s quicker trading environment. Despite the advantages of program trading, there are certain disadvantages that new traders should be aware about. Since program trading relies on technology and softwar

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Program Trading

Trading nowadays have largely benefited from technology. It has provided a higher level of convenience among traders that were once not available in the past. But the same convenience and benefits that technology may offer shows a downside. Take for example the current use of what many traders call as program trading. What Is It? Program trading is a method of trading that uses a computer program to execute certain

PostHeaderIcon Understanding High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading or HFT has become a big issue coming into the start of 2013. However, it is not entirely a new concept, but rather one brought about by technology and the need to profit from highly competitive markets. It is now important for most traders to know what this new trading strategy is and how it is increasingly affecting the different markets. What is it? High frequency trading or HFT is a term u

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Support And Resistance In Trading

Technical analysis in trading involves having to deal with concepts and ideas in order to determine the future direction of prices using past market data. One of the concepts used is support and resistance. It is based on the belief in technical analysis that the price movement of a certain security tends to stop and make a reverse once it reaches pre-determined price levels. What Is Support and Resistance? Basical

PostHeaderIcon Social Media Influence On Trading

There can be a number of factors that can affect the direction of a trading market and where it might be headed. These various factors can be quite numerous and can affect or influence the market in several different ways, making them quite hard to quantify most of the time. One of the more recent factors that have increasingly been making an influence on the market is the emergence of social media. Social Media an

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Trading Indicators

For those who wish to find trading success, getting all the necessary trading and market information is always the key. But it may just be more than just getting as much market data that one can get his hands into. Effective use of the data involve being aware of the many types of trading indicators and how they affect the market as well as the results that they lead to. Technical Trading Indicators Technical tradi

PostHeaderIcon Analyzing A Trading Slump

Trading success may not always be met by traders on a consistent basis. Traders can also experience losses along with some winnings along the way. And there can even be instances where traders may experience some trading slump. A trading slump can actually happen to any trader over a certain period of time. It is an instance where traders just don’t seem to get fortunate enough to sustain a level of profitabi

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Derivative Markets

Derivative markets are essentially investment markets that deal with the buying and selling of derivatives. For a lot of novice investors and traders, derivatives may not likely be the first financial instruments that they may want to engage in since it can be quite complex to understand at the onset. Gaining more understanding about derivatives and how the market works can help improve one’s success in terms