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PostHeaderIcon Study: Female Traders Can Reduce Market Crashes 

Who would have thought that gender may have an effect in the balance of trading in the stock market? A recent study indicates that gender may play a part in the occurrence of market crashes. The researchers suggest that, in order to reduce the incidence of the most extreme of market crashes, the proportion of female traders should be increased. Their analysis seems to suggest that increasing the number of female tr

PostHeaderIcon Key Elements Of Successful Trading

When it comes to trading, certain factors determine whether you succeed at it or not. Knowledge as well as trading experience tells traders what they need to know to excel in this very unpredictable pursuit. There are also other key elements that traders need to consider when making their trading decisions. Here are the most important ones. Level of Risk Risk determines just how traders are able to take certain pos

PostHeaderIcon Types Of Overtraders

Market trading can be a complicated process. Some traders apply technical methods in order to achieve better results and profits. But others rely on simply on gut feeling and gambling their way to more losses. There are different types of traders out there. Some traders follow an efficient system while others simply do it by way of making as many trades as they can. Overtrading can be a very risky method of making

PostHeaderIcon Choosing An Online Broker

For many people having an increasing interest in the trading and investing markets, going the online route offers the most convenience. That is because people can easily start getting into the game through online trading by simply singing on for an online account and will now have the opportunity to do some online trading and investing. Such online trading accounts usually have the benefit of an online broker to ma

PostHeaderIcon Choosing The Right Broker

For those who are just new into the investing and trading game, being able to get the right tools is a must. This also applies to getting the right people to help you out. For first-time investors and traders, it also means getting the right broker. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right broker to help you find some success in the market. Purpose Of A Broker An ideal broker can help you to

PostHeaderIcon Developing A Mind For Trading

In order to become successful at trading, a person needs to be able to develop the type of trading mentality. There are certain traits and characteristics that a trader is generally known for which may define the trading style or method he or she follows. It is this type of mentality that may help determine success in the markets for both experienced and aspiring traders. Although they might be found in different d

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Scalping Trading Style

Scalping is one of those trading styles that may or may not appeal to some traders, depending on their type of preferences when it comes to making money on the market. This trading method is usually more common among day traders that does business on a daily basis. This type of trading style involves making profits on a security, commodity or currency through their difference in buying and selling price, all done

PostHeaderIcon Improving Performance Through A Trading Referee

One of the most important aspects of trading is discipline. It can be crucial to improving one’s trading performance. But discipline is not always learned easily by the trader alone. Sometimes the trader may need the assistance of a trading referee to look over his or her performance. Trading Referee And Discipline A trading referee can help you develop your trading discipline. After finding a certain trading

PostHeaderIcon Spotting Forex Scams

Foreign exchange scams exist because the foreign exchange market is essentially an unregulated market. With millions of dollars usually floating around the market in Forex transactions daily and not being regulated as strictly as other markets, there is bound to be some enterprising con men aiming to get their share of the money through dubious means. The best way for traders in the market to avoid them is by being

PostHeaderIcon Choosing a Forex Broker

If you wish to start dabbling in the foreign exchange market, there are many things that you would need to consider. One of them is getting a Forex broker. Here are some tips that would help you choose a good Forex broker to work with. Choose brokers offering low spreads. If you will try your hand at Forex trading, you should know that Forex brokers do not charge commissions for their work. Instead, they make mone