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PostHeaderIcon Common Equity Trading Styles

Traders follow different styles of trading equity in the market. They develop trading styles based on different factors, which may include a trader’s personality type, risk tolerance and even patience. All these factors and more can come together to help a trader develop and adopt a particular trading style. Here are the major trading styles that people may belong to. Fundamental Trading Traders who follow th

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Principal And Agency Trading

Trading stocks nowadays is more convenient and easier than ever before. Trading stocks online takes just a few clicks. But behind each stock trade, there are different processes involved that make buying and selling stock more complicated than what you usually encounter. Whenever you trade stocks online, you either trade with a broker or you are trading with another person or through an exchange. The two main types

PostHeaderIcon Important Smartphone Apps for Active Traders

For those who are into trading, it pays to always have that advantage over the others. Technology always is able to give traders that essential advantage that may help them succeed. In more ways than one, some traders can have that advantage always on their hands. They can check out those important smartphone apps that active traders can use to help them make those important trading decisions. Here are just some of

PostHeaderIcon Protecting Yourself Against FOREX Broker Scams

For people who wish to get into the FOREX trading, the first people they usually approach are the FOREX brokers. Working with an experienced FOREX broker can help you find success in the market. But there are also some FOREX broker scams out there that can victimize anyone who may not be careful of whom they trust in the FOREX market. There are ways that people can protect themselves from such scams. Here are some

PostHeaderIcon What You Should know About Discount Brokers

When you really try to look at it, you will realize just how technology has changed the way people now trade and invest. Before the online world and the Internet got big, there were only limited opportunities available for small-time investors to try the opportunities available for them in the market. The opportunities were once only available to the wealthy investors who can afford paying for the services of broke

PostHeaderIcon Common Costly Mistakes By First-Time Investors And Traders

With today’s technology and online connectivity, it is now even more convenient for more people to invest. With the existence of many online discount brokerages, people can become instant investors and trading stocks just with an Internet connection and a bank account. This might be considered a benefit for many first time investors. But it also brings with it a number of caveats. The ease and accessibility o

PostHeaderIcon Using Automated Trading Systems

Market trading is something that can get quite complicated over time. Success can come in many fronts, much of it through constant and careful monitoring and some bit of intuition that comes from experience. The complexities of trading can lead traders to depend on automated trading systems for some bit of help. What Is It? Automated trading systems rely on the use of computers in order to help traders monitor the

PostHeaderIcon Online Trading Brokers

Online trading brokers help provide useful information to investors in trading of stocks or bonds. Although online trading may have enabled many investors to directly handle their own portfolios, the work of brokers is still needed where access to some experienced trading knowledge may not be readily available, especially for novice investors. Main Function The main task of brokers is to facilitate and handle orde

PostHeaderIcon Online Trading Market Orders

Online trading involves knowing the very basics of trading and what to expect from it. This includes learning about the different market orders that one may encounter on the online trading "floor". Here are some types that online traders should know about and understand. Types of Orders Online traders may encounter different types of orders when trading, depending on what and how one would want the transa

PostHeaderIcon Online Stock Trading Advantages

Online stock trading has become a popular means of trading for those who may not have time to do conventional stock trading. A relatively new method of trading, online stock trading are preferred by those people who are just starting out and exploring their luck in the stock market. One reason is that online stock trading offers several advantages over conventional trading. Low Commissions Prior to the existence o