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PostHeaderIcon Bad Investor Mistakes

Investing is both an art and a science. It also takes time to learn. Some people start making the most mistakes when they first try their hand at investing. Most start out as bad investors. But over time, some investors pick up some lessons from their mistakes and make sure that they do not repeat it. It is only after going through such a stage and survive do most investors learn to enjoy success and profits. While

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Short Selling Basics

When it comes to trading stocks, there are many things that all traders and investors should know about in order to succeed. There are various ways that traders and investors can profit from the changes that constantly happen in the stock market. Some of the important principles that people should know about include going long or short on stocks. While going long on a stock is what most investors usually consider a

PostHeaderIcon Understanding GARP Stock Investing

There are many strategies that investors employ in order to make good stock investments. The strategies may depend on an investor’s tolerance of risk. Regardless of that, any type of stock investment strategy would work well depending on certain market conditions as well as how the investor takes advantage of it. One such strategy that investors may employ is the GARP stock investing strategy. What is GARP? G

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Stock Splits And Buybacks

Stock investing is more than just buying and selling stock. Important on both is the idea of profiting from every transaction made. This requires investors of having to understand the many different characteristics and features of stocks that they may experience in the market at one time or another. One of them is understanding what stock splits and stock buybacks are all about. Stock splits and stock buybacks may

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Volatility In The Stock Market

Market volatility affects traders and investors in two different ways- it can either cause them to gain some profits or lose out due to the sudden market changes. It is an accepted fact that the stock market is quite a volatile area for investments and trading. It is all a matter of trying to take advantage of it for making gains or preventing potential losses. Basic Definition In technical terms volatility refers

PostHeaderIcon Predicting Market Performance

One of the factors that most investors look into when making decisions is market performance. The current performance of the market can help establish for the investor whether it is time to buy or to sell. Trying to look at market performance and predicting its future direction may help investors become more successful in their investments. But it is easier said than done most of the time. Here are some of the impo

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Various Stock Risks

While most investments are vulnerable to certain levels of risk, stocks seem to be quite vulnerable to quite a lot of them. That is one reason why stocks are usually known as volatile investments. Certain market situations and conditions can either bring prices of individual stocks to go up or go down in just a short span of time. Here are some of the common risks that most stocks have to deal with. Rating Risk A r

PostHeaderIcon Stock Portfolio Diversification

When it comes to investing in stocks, one of the ways to reduce risk is through a diversified stock portfolio. Diversification is essentially a method of stock investing wherein investments are allocated in various sectors, industries and stock categories. Through diversification, a stock investor may be able to reduce the risk against possible losses on a certain sector or industry and also maximize returns. Altho

PostHeaderIcon Effective Stock Selling Methods

Selling stocks takes skill just as well as trying to decide which stocks to buy for potential profit. There’s is a right time and a wrong time to sell a stock. Experienced stock traders know how to find the right time to sell stocks effectively. Here are some of the different selling conditions that stock traders may consider. Selling At A Certain Value Level Some stock traders may determine the right time to

PostHeaderIcon Looking Out For Stocks With Value Traps

Investors usually try to find stocks that they may be able to buy at low value and with the promise of selling high in the future. After all, that is the basic principle of success in the stock market. But hunting for stocks with values lower than their expected worth is not always that easy. There are also those so-called value traps that investors may have to consider as well. Here are just some of them: Stocks W