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PostHeaderIcon Common Trading Mistakes

Traders always have the means to change their positions in the market more often than investors. Traders are more into short-term gains and therefore make more frequent transactions than investors. Because of this, many traders are prone to make mistakes because of the number of trades they make on a regular basis. Here are some of the more common mistakes most traders make. Lack Of Trading Plan In any situation, h

PostHeaderIcon Initial Steps Towards Successful Investing

Investing is not always about how much you know. Success in investing can also be a matter of knowing what markets to invest in. a successful investor usually knows when and what markets offer wonderful Investing opportunities. Taking advantage of this can help increase one’s chances of succeeding. With technology and innovation making markets open up more to potential investors, opportunities for ordinary pe

PostHeaderIcon Short Selling Basics

Short selling is one of the methods being used by experienced traders and investors as a way to further take advantage of opportunities to profit in the stock market.  Most normal or ordinary stock investor does not engage in short selling due to the risks involved. But for those that wish to try it out, it is important to know what short selling is all about and how it is being done. What Is It? Short selling is

PostHeaderIcon Bond Investing Basics

Investing in bonds is considered as one of the safest investments for those who try to avoid big investment risks. A bond is basically a type of certificate that is issued by an organization or a government that comes with a promise of payment for a specified amount at a specified date. Examples of bonds commonly being bought as investments are US treasury bills, US Savings bonds and other similar notes. The advant

PostHeaderIcon How To Prepare For Stock Market Investing

Many people are fascinated with stock market investing. There is this common notion that investors can strike it reach investing in stocks. But the fact of the matter is, this is rarely true, unless you have the knack for investing in the right stocks. Although there are opportunities to become rich while investing in stocks, there are also certain risks involved. Investing in the stock market does not ensure you o

PostHeaderIcon Ways To Make More Money

Many people always wish they can make more money than they currently do. They have a job and have started a career path. But it seems that what they can earn is less than what they usually expect. Some people then begin to find other ways to make money. Here are some of the ways that will make this possible. Invest If you think your current savings may not be enough, then finding ways to make it earn more will be a

PostHeaderIcon Common Obstacles For Novice Traders

Getting into the trading game can both be difficult and challenging for many novice traders. The lack of experience and the way the market moves can put them in a position to fail if they are not careful or even strong-hearted. There are several common obstacles that most beginner traders often face. Here are just some of them. Too Much Information We live in a world where information is king. But then again, it ca

PostHeaderIcon Factors That Affect Revenue And Growth

When it comes to trading and investing , it is important for people to make more informed choices and decisions. This goes with the choice of whether to buy or sell a certain position. Behind every decision on this matter is the data collected on companies, especially their health and growth prospects. There are many ways traders and investors can learn about how a company gets along in terms of revenue and growth.

PostHeaderIcon Using Momentum Trading To Your Advantage

Momentum trading is a method of stock trading wherein investors and traders search for stocks showing a significant movement in one direction at high volumes. The investor or trader then tries to ride with the momentum of the movement in order to gain profits. It is usually a short-term trading method that has worked well for some experienced traders. While momentum trading is easy to understand, trying to make use

PostHeaderIcon Signs Early Trading Can Tell You

Traders try to get as much information as they can to forecast or predict market movement. Although it holds a lot of guesswork, being able to get the right information at the right time can help traders estimate likely outcomes. One way that traders can get information about the market is by looking closely at the activities as the markets open. The start of the market session can tell a lot on how the movement wi