PostHeaderIcon Factors That Affect Revenue And Growth

When it comes to trading and investing , it is important for people to make more informed choices and decisions. This goes with the choice of whether to buy or sell a certain position. Behind every decision on this matter is the data collected on companies, especially their health and growth prospects. There are many ways traders and investors can learn about how a company gets along in terms of revenue and growth.
Factors That Affect Revenue And Growth

PostHeaderIcon Key Elements Of Successful Trading

When it comes to trading, certain factors determine whether you succeed at it or not. Knowledge as well as trading experience tells traders what they need to know to excel in this very unpredictable pursuit. There are also other key elements that traders need to consider when making their trading decisions. Here are the most important ones. Level of Risk Risk determines just how traders are able to take certain pos
Key Elements Of Successful Trading

PostHeaderIcon Getting Started With Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one method of keeping track of stocks to buy in the market. While other people rely on choosing stocks based on a company’s fundamentals, technical analysis relies on different factors of selecting stocks worth buying. Basically, technical analysis involves around the study of charts, trends and recognizing patterns to determine stocks, which as performing well in the market. ┬áSometimes
Getting Started With Technical Analysis

PostHeaderIcon Types Of Overtraders

Market trading can be a complicated process. Some traders apply technical methods in order to achieve better results and profits. But others rely on simply on gut feeling and gambling their way to more losses. There are different types of traders out there. Some traders follow an efficient system while others simply do it by way of making as many trades as they can. Overtrading can be a very risky method of making
Types Of Overtraders

PostHeaderIcon Common Equity Trading Styles

Traders follow different styles of trading equity in the market. They develop trading styles based on different factors, which may include a trader’s personality type, risk tolerance and even patience. All these factors and more can come together to help a trader develop and adopt a particular trading style. Here are the major trading styles that people may belong to. Fundamental Trading Traders who follow th
Common Equity Trading Styles

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Principal And Agency Trading

Trading stocks nowadays is more convenient and easier than ever before. Trading stocks online takes just a few clicks. But behind each stock trade, there are different processes involved that make buying and selling stock more complicated than what you usually encounter. Whenever you trade stocks online, you either trade with a broker or you are trading with another person or through an exchange. The two main types
Understanding Principal And Agency Trading

PostHeaderIcon The Problem With Imitating Institutional Investor Movement

Many people would want to succeed in the field of investing. They try to make use of different approaches in order to get the most gains from their investments. While some investors use a personal approach to investing, others try to take the easy route. Some prefer trying to mimic how institutional investors do it. Institutional investors such as mutual funds and larger investment companies all try to take advanta
The Problem With Imitating Institutional Investor Movement

PostHeaderIcon Trading Tips: Options Versus Futures

Trading and investing both come with accompanying risks. People need to acquire enough knowledge in order to be good investors and traders. Count in some experience and you get to become more perceptive in playing the markets. There are different types of securities that people can put their money into. Aside from stocks, there are also options and futures trading that can provide additional opportunities for the s
Trading Tips: Options Versus Futures

PostHeaderIcon Minimizing Losses Due To Program Trading Glitches

Program trading has become more common because it allows traders to react faster and take advantage of opportunities quicker than the others. Program trading is largely seen as a convenient tool to use for today’s quicker trading environment. Despite the advantages of program trading, there are certain disadvantages that new traders should be aware about. Since program trading relies on technology and softwar
Minimizing Losses Due To Program Trading Glitches

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Program Trading

Trading nowadays have largely benefited from technology. It has provided a higher level of convenience among traders that were once not available in the past. But the same convenience and benefits that technology may offer shows a downside. Take for example the current use of what many traders call as program trading. What Is It? Program trading is a method of trading that uses a computer program to execute certain
Understanding Program Trading