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Active trading involves quite a high level of risk that might undermine success. That is why active traders also need to effectively manage the risks involved in trading in order to maximize potential gains and profits. Here are some risk management techniques that many active traders usually employ. Planning Ahead This common risk management technique may just be about applicable for almost any type of market trad

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Active trading has become a common strategy used not only by seasoned traders but also the relatively new ones as well. Active trading is characterized by the buying and selling of securities that are based by short term changes in price movements to realize profits. Active traders make use of different strategies in order to profit short term. Here are some of the common ones. Day Trading This is the most common

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Many methods are used by different people during trading. There are strategies that might work for one but won’t be as successful for another. One of the more common strategies that some people use is active trading. What Is Active Trading? A simple definition for the active trading strategy is that it is the opposite of the “buy and hold” strategy. Active trading usually involves ongoing buying