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PostHeaderIcon Choosing An Online Broker

For many people having an increasing interest in the trading and investing markets, going the online route offers the most convenience. That is because people can easily start getting into the game through online trading by simply singing on for an online account and will now have the opportunity to do some online trading and investing. Such online trading accounts usually have the benefit of an online broker to ma

PostHeaderIcon Active Trading Strategies

Active trading has become a common strategy used not only by seasoned traders but also the relatively new ones as well. Active trading is characterized by the buying and selling of securities that are based by short term changes in price movements to realize profits. Active traders make use of different strategies in order to profit short term. Here are some of the common ones. Day Trading This is the most common

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Scalping Trading Style

Scalping is one of those trading styles that may or may not appeal to some traders, depending on their type of preferences when it comes to making money on the market. This trading method is usually more common among day traders that does business on a daily basis. This type of trading style involves making profits on a security, commodity or currency through their difference in buying and selling price, all done