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PostHeaderIcon Basic Bond Characteristics

When trading or investing in bonds, people should try to know more about its basic characteristics. First of all, people must know the basic characteristic of a bond. It is simply a type of loan that a company offers. Investors that buy bonds are actually lending a company some money. In exchange, the company agrees to pay interest at certain intervals and pays off the principal at the maturity date when the loan i

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Inflation Protected Securities

There are many options available for investors to try and ensure that their capital investments do not suffer from inflation. Inflation risk is something that many investors try to avoid since it might eat up on their investment’s rate of return over time. One of those options available for investors in putting their money on Inflation Protected Securities or IPS. What Are They? Inflation Protected Securities

PostHeaderIcon Bond Trading Basics

Bond trading may not be the most popular forms of trading that most people would like to get into and they have many reasons to offer. It usually may not offer the same excitement as the stock market. They are not being closely watched and covered even by the media that it seems to affect its appeal. But despite its lack of excitement and popularity as a chosen form of trading, bonds offer an advantage in that the