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PostHeaderIcon Understanding Trading Indicators

For those who wish to find trading success, getting all the necessary trading and market information is always the key. But it may just be more than just getting as much market data that one can get his hands into. Effective use of the data involve being aware of the many types of trading indicators and how they affect the market as well as the results that they lead to. Technical Trading Indicators Technical tradi

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Benefits Of Not Trading

Trading success is not only characterized by knowing when to trade. Although good sense indicates that good timing of trades leads to better profits, knowing when not to trade may just be as important to one’s trading success. While most trading methods being developed today are based on when to make those timely trades, the vital element of knowing not to trade at all will seem just as significant for the sa

PostHeaderIcon Investing Amidst Black Swan Events

Investing and trading are not mainly dictated by factors that affect the markets directly. They can also be affected by events that happen all around the world. That is why there can be some level of unpredictability that always follows investors and traders in terms of their decision making, whether to buy, sell or hold. But there are certain events that happen at any time and at any place in the world that invest