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PostHeaderIcon Understanding Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear Markets

When you engage in trading and investing, there might be certain terms that you need to know about. These terms may be vital in helping you understand how the market is moving and determine what your next moves will be. Among the different terms you will hear now and then, there are certain ones during a down market that you need to know and understand. You should know about such terms like pullbacks, bear markets,

PostHeaderIcon Analyzing A Trading Slump

Trading success may not always be met by traders on a consistent basis. Traders can also experience losses along with some winnings along the way. And there can even be instances where traders may experience some trading slump. A trading slump can actually happen to any trader over a certain period of time. It is an instance where traders just don’t seem to get fortunate enough to sustain a level of profitabi

PostHeaderIcon Strategic Trading Basics

Trading success is all about using the right strategies. And there are several basic strategies that every trader should know if ever they wish to enjoy success in this usually volatile and unpredictable market. It involves getting all the necessary data coupled with the experience already acquired from trading in the market that will help the trader make the necessary and informed decisions. These strategic tradin

PostHeaderIcon Important Factors That Influence Market Trends

Trends in the market make it possible for traders to make profit. It is the changes as well as the prevailing trends in a certain market that traders take advantage of in order to make money, be it on the short term or the long term. That is why it is important for traders to know the market trends as well as the factors that may influence them. Here are some of the common and important ones. Supply and Demand Fact

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Contrarian Trading

Trading against the trend may seem risky for some people. But in a way, it can also be quite profitable with the right timing and skills. In fact, contrarian trading is something that a number of traders also use to sometimes take advantage of a market that does not always work in a rational manner. Also known as counter-trend trading, contrarian trading is basically based on the fact that not all trends are always

PostHeaderIcon Becoming Better At Short Term Tradings

Short term trading may not work for all people. For one thing, trading on the short term usually requires more work and effort from the trader since it essentially takes more trades to maintain for a longer period of time. Short term trading is characterized by making trades that last for as short as a few minutes between buying and selling to as long as a few days. Short Term Trading Fundamentals There are severa

PostHeaderIcon Limits Of Trading Charts

Using trading charts may help traders monitor and check various indicators such as price movements and performance of certain securities and assets. This can help them determine what trading actions to take and at what time. Some may already be totally relying on trading charts for making their decisions. Some may even come to a point of thinking that profits are relatively easy to make by using the trading char

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Contrarian Trading

Trading can involve different styles and methods. An individual can make use of any of them that works well according to a certain set of trading preference. But it also pays to know what some of these methods and styles are in order to have a better grasp of what can be used. Basic Definition Contrarian trading is just one of the styles that traders can use. It is the opposite of trend following in most cases in

PostHeaderIcon Trading With Trends

Trading can be quite a complex undertaking for many people. But trying to keep it simple is always an advantage. One of these simple techniques that experienced traders use is trading with trends. Following Market Trends It is an old and common saying in trading circles that it is always best to trade with the trend. Following where the market is currently going is a simple and convenient way to trade without most