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PostHeaderIcon The Problem With Predicting The Markets

Traders tend to try and predict the market in order to determine what their next move will be. But always relying on such predictions may not be as dependable. There is always a problem with regards to trying to predict the market. Here are some of the reasons why. The future is bound to be uncertain. No matter how good a trader may be in analyzing situations, future events still usually move in an unpredictable ma

PostHeaderIcon Financial Bubble Characteristics

A financial bubble is a commonly used term that many people seem to hear now and then. But most of them may likely misunderstand what it means. In simple financial terms, a “bubble” is defined as a situation where a certain asset becomes highly inflated in terms of its price that seem to have little or no relation to its actual intrinsic value. Other terms may be used such as an “asset price bubbl

PostHeaderIcon Currency Trading Tips

There is more to currency trading than just pure luck. Currency traders have always relied on certain rules and methods of trading in order to succeed. Here are some of those valuable currency trading tips that most traders abide by day in and day out in the currency market. Use logic when trading, not impulse To some people, currency trading may just be all about acting upon what happens on the market. But experie