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PostHeaderIcon Common Equity Trading Styles

Traders follow different styles of trading equity in the market. They develop trading styles based on different factors, which may include a trader’s personality type, risk tolerance and even patience. All these factors and more can come together to help a trader develop and adopt a particular trading style. Here are the major trading styles that people may belong to. Fundamental Trading Traders who follow th

PostHeaderIcon Using Momentum Trading To Your Advantage

Momentum trading is a method of stock trading wherein investors and traders search for stocks showing a significant movement in one direction at high volumes. The investor or trader then tries to ride with the momentum of the movement in order to gain profits. It is usually a short-term trading method that has worked well for some experienced traders. While momentum trading is easy to understand, trying to make use

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Momentum Trading

There are many strategies that people employ when trading stock. All of them aim to provide the most ideal way of trading for the most profits. It all differs on a trader’s preference or risk tolerance. Among the many strategies, momentum trading is considered for traders who wish to profit in the short term. What is Momentum Trading? Momentum trading is a type of trading strategy that depends on a stockR

PostHeaderIcon Momentum Trading

With many methods and techniques on trading, it can get quite confusing for some traders just what may come it more effective and successful. The different methods aim to work with a trader’s own characteristics and behavior. It all depends on where a trader may feel comfortable and at ease with. Some traders may go with momentum trading while some may not. What Is Momentum Trading? Momentum trading is a type