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PostHeaderIcon How To Prepare For Stock Market Investing

Many people are fascinated with stock market investing. There is this common notion that investors can strike it reach investing in stocks. But the fact of the matter is, this is rarely true, unless you have the knack for investing in the right stocks. Although there are opportunities to become rich while investing in stocks, there are also certain risks involved. Investing in the stock market does not ensure you o

PostHeaderIcon Things To Consider Before Investing In the Stock Market

The stock market seems to catch the attention of many first-time investors as a way to make money. They read news of investors cashing in on a great stock pick that netted them a handsome profit and they dream that it can also happen to them someday. But before you go into stock market investing, there are many things that you should know about and prepare for. Here are some of them. It is not as easy as you think.

PostHeaderIcon Misconceptions About The Stock Market

Investing in the stock market has become more popular as the doors are being opened to small scale investors, largely as a result of trading on the market being accessible online. But still, there are many investors who dabble into the stock market and yet believe in many of the misconceptions surrounding the said market in general. Here are just some of them. The stock market is reserved for big players. This mis