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PostHeaderIcon Signs That A Stock Has Reached Bottom

It is a general rule in stock market trading to buy low and sell high. Buying stocks that are considered cheap but may have a lot of potential to gain more becomes the main aim of stock traders. But most of the time, it is finding that stock that has reached its bottom limit that offers stock traders and investors the best opportunity to gain. Bottomed Out Stocks The stock market is usually characterized by trends

PostHeaderIcon Fundamental Versus Technical Analysis

When it comes to stock trading and investing, people usually make use of certain methods that they think will help them find stocks that are worth investing. In general, there are two methods that most people use determine attractive stocks. They may either use fundamental analysis or technical analysis to look for good stocks in the market to invest in. These two methods in determining good stocks in the market a

PostHeaderIcon Signs OF A Sliding Stock

Stock trading and investing can be a complicated matter with many indicators and factors to consider all the time. Slight differences in varying degrees from these indicators may or may not affect a certain stock. But what most traders and investors should look for are the many characteristics that may lead to a stock slide. Although there are many common telltale signs that a certain stock may be heading for a sl