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PostHeaderIcon Understanding Stock Splits And Buybacks

Stock investing is more than just buying and selling stock. Important on both is the idea of profiting from every transaction made. This requires investors of having to understand the many different characteristics and features of stocks that they may experience in the market at one time or another. One of them is understanding what stock splits and stock buybacks are all about. Stock splits and stock buybacks may

PostHeaderIcon Looking Out For Stocks With Value Traps

Investors usually try to find stocks that they may be able to buy at low value and with the promise of selling high in the future. After all, that is the basic principle of success in the stock market. But hunting for stocks with values lower than their expected worth is not always that easy. There are also those so-called value traps that investors may have to consider as well. Here are just some of them: Stocks W

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Averaging Down Strategy

When it comes to trading and investing, different strategies are employed to get some amount of success. Different strategies may work or they may not depending on certain situations concerning the market. One of the more intriguing of strategies that some traders and investors use is the averaging down strategy. How Averaging Down Works Averaging down is quite simple to understand, actually. But it is how and when

PostHeaderIcon Identifying Stocks For Short Sale

Short selling is one of the methods being used by experienced traders and investors as a way to further take advantage of opportunities to profit in the stock market. Most normal or ordinary stock investor does not engage in short selling due to the risks involved. But for those that wish to try it out, it is important to know what short selling is all about and how it is being done. What Is It? Short selling is b