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PostHeaderIcon Different Ways Of Handling Losses

In trading and investing, people are bound to experience setbacks along with success. These setbacks come in the way of losses. Every successful trader and investor has experienced losses in one way or another. It is the way they handle such experiences that let them get back on track. There are many ways many people will handle losses in the market. Here are some of them. Learning From Mistakes A healthier and mor

PostHeaderIcon The Difference Between Trading And Investing

People engaged in the different markets are either investing or trading. Although they might seem similar to many people, there is a distinct difference between them. It all boils down to the methods used by either the trader or the investor. What’s Behind Investing? While the motive of both investing and trading is to build wealth from the markets, the methods they use are strikingly different. The goal of i

PostHeaderIcon Investor Strategies That Traders Can Learn From

It may seem that the strategies that investors use to realize gains is different from that of traders, even if they belong in the same market. But they both have one thing in common- they always look for ways to buy low and sell high. Aside from this fact, it may be also keen to point out that there are also some things that traders can actually learn from the strategies that investors use for success. Here are som

PostHeaderIcon Signs OF A Sliding Stock

Stock trading and investing can be a complicated matter with many indicators and factors to consider all the time. Slight differences in varying degrees from these indicators may or may not affect a certain stock. But what most traders and investors should look for are the many characteristics that may lead to a stock slide. Although there are many common telltale signs that a certain stock may be heading for a sl