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PostHeaderIcon Regaining Trading Consistency

Trading can be quite an unpredictable endeavor. Sometimes, traders can experience incredible gains for some time. But there are also times when they might experience considerable losses. Most may seem to notice that it is hard to achieve trading consistency for long periods of time. But there are also ways in which on may be able to regain it. It is common for traders to experience up and down cycles many times. Bu

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Scalping Trading Style

Scalping is one of those trading styles that may or may not appeal to some traders, depending on their type of preferences when it comes to making money on the market. This trading method is usually more common among day traders that does business on a daily basis. This type of trading style involves making profits on a security, commodity or currency through their difference in buying and selling price, all done

PostHeaderIcon Active Trading

Many methods are used by different people during trading. There are strategies that might work for one but won’t be as successful for another. One of the more common strategies that some people use is active trading. What Is Active Trading? A simple definition for the active trading strategy is that it is the opposite of the “buy and hold” strategy. Active trading usually involves ongoing buying