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PostHeaderIcon Getting Started With Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one method of keeping track of stocks to buy in the market. While other people rely on choosing stocks based on a company’s fundamentals, technical analysis relies on different factors of selecting stocks worth buying. Basically, technical analysis involves around the study of charts, trends and recognizing patterns to determine stocks, which as performing well in the market. ┬áSometimes

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Benefits Of Not Trading

Trading success is not only characterized by knowing when to trade. Although good sense indicates that good timing of trades leads to better profits, knowing when not to trade may just be as important to one’s trading success. While most trading methods being developed today are based on when to make those timely trades, the vital element of knowing not to trade at all will seem just as significant for the sa

PostHeaderIcon Smart And Simple Trading

When it comes to trading, there can be various methods that people use to achieve some level of trading success. The more that people get into it, the more complex trading may become. But it is not always the most complex method that can be the recipe for trading success. Smart and simple trading may still be the best option available. Too Much Data Simple trading may be characterized by using the most basic of met

PostHeaderIcon Momentum Trading

With many methods and techniques on trading, it can get quite confusing for some traders just what may come it more effective and successful. The different methods aim to work with a trader’s own characteristics and behavior. It all depends on where a trader may feel comfortable and at ease with. Some traders may go with momentum trading while some may not. What Is Momentum Trading? Momentum trading is a type

PostHeaderIcon Trading Success For Regular Investors

Trading success seems only to apply to big investors and traders all of the time. It seems that regular or small-time investors may not always have the clout and the means to move the markets enough to guide things into their way. Despite this relatively serious disadvantage, even regular investors may have the means to find success in trading within their own means. Here are some tips that might help. Use low cos

PostHeaderIcon Knowing When To Or Not To Trade

Trading involves risks, no matter what market you are in. It is important that you know the importance of timing when it comes to trading. Not only should you know when to trade given certain circumstances, you should also know when not to. When Not To Trade There are instances in the market when a certain trading method or strategy does not effectively work. No matter what strategy or method that a trader employs

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Contrarian Trading

Trading can involve different styles and methods. An individual can make use of any of them that works well according to a certain set of trading preference. But it also pays to know what some of these methods and styles are in order to have a better grasp of what can be used. Basic Definition Contrarian trading is just one of the styles that traders can use. It is the opposite of trend following in most cases in

PostHeaderIcon Undertrading Or Overtrading

Going into trading always requires striking up the perfect balance. It can be easy for a trader to either fall short or do too much. Undertrading and overtrading are both common mistakes that many traders can find themselves committing one way or another. Learning To Trade As a trader slowly learns the basics as well as complexities of trading, he or she begins to also learn more about the different styles and me

PostHeaderIcon Improving Performance Through A Trading Referee

One of the most important aspects of trading is discipline. It can be crucial to improving one’s trading performance. But discipline is not always learned easily by the trader alone. Sometimes the trader may need the assistance of a trading referee to look over his or her performance. Trading Referee And Discipline A trading referee can help you develop your trading discipline. After finding a certain trading