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PostHeaderIcon Getting Started With Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one method of keeping track of stocks to buy in the market. While other people rely on choosing stocks based on a company’s fundamentals, technical analysis relies on different factors of selecting stocks worth buying. Basically, technical analysis involves around the study of charts, trends and recognizing patterns to determine stocks, which as performing well in the market. ┬áSometimes

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Benefits Of Not Trading

Trading success is not only characterized by knowing when to trade. Although good sense indicates that good timing of trades leads to better profits, knowing when not to trade may just be as important to one’s trading success. While most trading methods being developed today are based on when to make those timely trades, the vital element of knowing not to trade at all will seem just as significant for the sa

PostHeaderIcon Using Automated Trading Systems

Market trading is something that can get quite complicated over time. Success can come in many fronts, much of it through constant and careful monitoring and some bit of intuition that comes from experience. The complexities of trading can lead traders to depend on automated trading systems for some bit of help. What Is It? Automated trading systems rely on the use of computers in order to help traders monitor the