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PostHeaderIcon Understanding High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading or HFT has become a big issue coming into the start of 2013. However, it is not entirely a new concept, but rather one brought about by technology and the need to profit from highly competitive markets. It is now important for most traders to know what this new trading strategy is and how it is increasingly affecting the different markets. What is it? High frequency trading or HFT is a term u

PostHeaderIcon Analyzing A Trading Slump

Trading success may not always be met by traders on a consistent basis. Traders can also experience losses along with some winnings along the way. And there can even be instances where traders may experience some trading slump. A trading slump can actually happen to any trader over a certain period of time. It is an instance where traders just don’t seem to get fortunate enough to sustain a level of profitabi

PostHeaderIcon Strategic Trading Basics

Trading success is all about using the right strategies. And there are several basic strategies that every trader should know if ever they wish to enjoy success in this usually volatile and unpredictable market. It involves getting all the necessary data coupled with the experience already acquired from trading in the market that will help the trader make the necessary and informed decisions. These strategic tradin

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Averaging Down Strategy

When it comes to trading and investing, different strategies are employed to get some amount of success. Different strategies may work or they may not depending on certain situations concerning the market. One of the more intriguing of strategies that some traders and investors use is the averaging down strategy. How Averaging Down Works Averaging down is quite simple to understand, actually. But it is how and when

PostHeaderIcon Active Trading Strategies

Active trading has become a common strategy used not only by seasoned traders but also the relatively new ones as well. Active trading is characterized by the buying and selling of securities that are based by short term changes in price movements to realize profits. Active traders make use of different strategies in order to profit short term. Here are some of the common ones. Day Trading This is the most common

PostHeaderIcon Understanding The Basics Of Pairs Trading

Pairs trading is just one of the many trading strategies that can be utilized by many traders. It has its own advantages and benefits as well as certain disadvantages. But if being used in the right way, pairs trading can be considered as a relatively profitable trading strategy that can be used in any type of markets as well as in any type of market conditions. What Is Pairs Trading? Pairs trading is a trading str

PostHeaderIcon Option Trading Strategies

Option trading may not be quite common among most traders, but it also holds on to its own advantages. While others may choose trading stocks mainly because it is more popular, trading in options may add another dimension to an avid trader’s portfolio. And there are certain strategies that may be used to be successful at it. Varsatile Options One of the main advantages of options trading is their versatility.

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Contrarian Trading

Trading against the trend may seem risky for some people. But in a way, it can also be quite profitable with the right timing and skills. In fact, contrarian trading is something that a number of traders also use to sometimes take advantage of a market that does not always work in a rational manner. Also known as counter-trend trading, contrarian trading is basically based on the fact that not all trends are always

PostHeaderIcon Knowing When To Or Not To Trade

Trading involves risks, no matter what market you are in. It is important that you know the importance of timing when it comes to trading. Not only should you know when to trade given certain circumstances, you should also know when not to. When Not To Trade There are instances in the market when a certain trading method or strategy does not effectively work. No matter what strategy or method that a trader employs

PostHeaderIcon Developing An Effective Investing Strategy

Making money or profits in various financial and equity markets usually depend on the strategy used. Effective investing strategy determines whether an individual stands to become successful and profit well in investments and trades. For people who wish to try their hand in the various markets, they should be able to get a better understanding on just how important an effective investing strategy is to achieve succ