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PostHeaderIcon Regaining Trading Consistency

Trading can be quite an unpredictable endeavor. Sometimes, traders can experience incredible gains for some time. But there are also times when they might experience considerable losses. Most may seem to notice that it is hard to achieve trading consistency for long periods of time. But there are also ways in which on may be able to regain it. It is common for traders to experience up and down cycles many times. Bu

PostHeaderIcon Smart And Simple Trading

When it comes to trading, there can be various methods that people use to achieve some level of trading success. The more that people get into it, the more complex trading may become. But it is not always the most complex method that can be the recipe for trading success. Smart and simple trading may still be the best option available. Too Much Data Simple trading may be characterized by using the most basic of met

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Trade Filters And Triggers

Trading successfully usually involves using effective trading techniques and strategies. One of the more common strategies is the use of trade filters and trade triggers as a means of entering into trades. The effective use of trade filters and trade triggers will enable traders to base their trading activity on careful analysis instead of gut feel or guesswork. Trade Filters Trade filters are basically a set of c

PostHeaderIcon Backtesting And Forward Testing

When making trades and investments, it is always important to have a means to analyze or evaluate performance at certain levels. There are many methods that traders may use. Some of such methods include backtesting and forward testing. Backtesting By simple definition, backtesting is a method of analyzing and applying a certain trading system on historical data to determine at a certain level just how such a syste