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PostHeaderIcon Social Media Influence On Trading

There can be a number of factors that can affect the direction of a trading market and where it might be headed. These various factors can be quite numerous and can affect or influence the market in several different ways, making them quite hard to quantify most of the time. One of the more recent factors that have increasingly been making an influence on the market is the emergence of social media. Social Media an

PostHeaderIcon Signs OF A Sliding Stock

Stock trading and investing can be a complicated matter with many indicators and factors to consider all the time. Slight differences in varying degrees from these indicators may or may not affect a certain stock. But what most traders and investors should look for are the many characteristics that may lead to a stock slide. Although there are many common telltale signs that a certain stock may be heading for a sl

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Double Exponential Moving Averages

Trading has become quite complex and scientific with the use of technical analysis. But then, such tools have made it easier for traders to better understand the market and take value of the indicators that are presented to them. Using such tools like the double exponential moving average or DEMA. What is DEMA? In technical analysis, there are different types of moving averages being employed to help traders dete

PostHeaderIcon Knowing When To Or Not To Trade

Trading involves risks, no matter what market you are in. It is important that you know the importance of timing when it comes to trading. Not only should you know when to trade given certain circumstances, you should also know when not to. When Not To Trade There are instances in the market when a certain trading method or strategy does not effectively work. No matter what strategy or method that a trader employs

PostHeaderIcon Types Of Trading Environments

Traders experience different trading environments in the market. A market environment may change according to certain events and factors happening inside or outside of the market. A certain market environment may also affect how traders operate. Identifying and knowing these different trading environments may also help you have a better grasp of what may likely be happening in the market and possibly make your tra

PostHeaderIcon Improving Performance Through A Trading Referee

One of the most important aspects of trading is discipline. It can be crucial to improving one’s trading performance. But discipline is not always learned easily by the trader alone. Sometimes the trader may need the assistance of a trading referee to look over his or her performance. Trading Referee And Discipline A trading referee can help you develop your trading discipline. After finding a certain trading

PostHeaderIcon Investor Behavior and Trading

Successful trading may depend on taking advantage of various indicators and factors that affect the market. One of them is a good understanding of common investor behavior. One of the things that might affect the market as well as trading decisions is the current common sentiment that leads investors to act a certain way. Knowing and understanding such behaviors can actually help traders make better decisions and t

PostHeaderIcon Avoid Manipulating Facts In Trading

For beginner or novice traders, one of the most common mistakes they can make is by manipulating the facts. This mistake can be committed by inexperienced traders either consciously or subconsciously. It usually stems mostly from traders trying to make the facts hold towards certain market theories they learned or read about. Some traders may think that they already know about how the market works through their end

PostHeaderIcon Qualitative Factors In Picking Stocks

Picking and trading stocks require prior research and understanding of what makes certain stocks great investments. Behind every stock is a company that provide the value for the said stock. Picking good stocks usually involve knowing how to determine that qualitative factors that make them quite good choices and worth the investment. Here are some of those factors: Strong Management Behind every great and success

PostHeaderIcon Preparing For Futures Trading

Futures trading may be unlike trading in the stock market in many ways. Futures trading deals essentially with trade in financial contracts of a certain asset or commodity. In a way, it can be compared to options trading in that both deal with contracts for buying or selling certain assets or commodities at a future time. The difference between them is that options give its holder mainly the right to buy or sell an