PostHeaderIcon Understanding Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear Markets

When you engage in trading and investing, there might be certain terms that you need to know about. These terms may be vital in helping you understand how the market is moving and determine what your next moves will be. Among the different terms you will hear now and then, there are certain ones during a down market that you need to know and understand. You should know about such terms like pullbacks, bear markets,
Understanding Pullbacks, Corrections and Bear Markets

PostHeaderIcon Using Momentum Trading To Your Advantage

Momentum trading is a method of stock trading wherein investors and traders search for stocks showing a significant movement in one direction at high volumes. The investor or trader then tries to ride with the momentum of the movement in order to gain profits. It is usually a short-term trading method that has worked well for some experienced traders. While momentum trading is easy to understand, trying to make use
Using Momentum Trading To Your Advantage

PostHeaderIcon Signs Early Trading Can Tell You

Traders try to get as much information as they can to forecast or predict market movement. Although it holds a lot of guesswork, being able to get the right information at the right time can help traders estimate likely outcomes. One way that traders can get information about the market is by looking closely at the activities as the markets open. The start of the market session can tell a lot on how the movement wi
Signs Early Trading Can Tell You

PostHeaderIcon Common Market Anomalies

Investing in the stock market can be quite challenging. Traders and investors take on different strategies to make sense of the market and try to predict the probable market activity in order to earn some gains. In many cases, experienced investors may be able to predict to a certain degree how the market can behave at a certain time by analyzing the trends and movements. Although it may be far from accurate, techn
Common Market Anomalies

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Momentum Trading

There are many strategies that people employ when trading stock. All of them aim to provide the most ideal way of trading for the most profits. It all differs on a trader’s preference or risk tolerance. Among the many strategies, momentum trading is considered for traders who wish to profit in the short term. What is Momentum Trading? Momentum trading is a type of trading strategy that depends on a stockR
Understanding Momentum Trading

PostHeaderIcon Common Forex Trading Mistakes

Forex trading is a tough game of chances and risks. Experience is necessary in this type of market. Mistakes are often costly. Unfortunately, many traders still commit such mistakes now and then. It often creates losses if these mistakes turn into a habit. Here are the common trading mistakes many Forex traders make. Making The Moves Before Breaking News Some Forex traders, in an effort to get ahead from the rest,
Common Forex Trading Mistakes

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Passive Investing

There are many methods and strategies in investing. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the investor what type of investing method to use based on his own experience and preference. Among the many strategies available, all can sometimes be summed up into either active or passive investing. For now, we will be looking into trying to understand more about the basics of passive investing. What
Understanding Passive Investing

PostHeaderIcon Understanding Stop-Loss And Stop-Limit Orders

Savvy traders need to ensure that they always take the ideal position with their stock holdings. If ever they do suffer from losses, experienced traders know how to limit their losses and still come to trade another day. One way to ensure that traders and investors can limit potential losses is by using stop-loss and stop-limit orders on their stock positions. A stop-loss or stop-limit order is a type of order that
Understanding Stop-Loss And Stop-Limit Orders

PostHeaderIcon Common Sense Rules For Traders

Trading is a challenging activity. There are certain risks involved. Traders can realize the profits from their trading activities only after knowing how to manage and lessen the risks they might face. While there are technical rules that traders can learn, there are also certain common sense rules to follow that are just as important. Here are some of them. Actual trading beats paper trading any time. Some people
Common Sense Rules For Traders

PostHeaderIcon Investing In Foreign Markets

With the US stock market still reeling from the uncertain economy and where it may be headed, many investors are at a loss on where their next opportunity may come from. While it may be still relatively safe in putting money on the US stock market, there are other potential avenues available for investors that may offer better options. For example, looking into foreign markets may offer many potential opportunities
Investing In Foreign Markets